If you’re a Carer who helps and supports someone who can’t manage on their own, we want to ensure you get all the support you need.

We are trying to identify & support as many Carers as we can. Particularly those people who may be looking after a member of their family or helping a friend or neighbour with day to day tasks, don’t really regard themselves as a Carer and are undertaking this vital activity without help or support.

If you are caring for someone, we really would like you to let us know, so that we can ensure you receive all the support and information we can give, on topics such as benefit entitlement, access to respite care or maybe simply being there to provide a kindly ear when things get too much.

If you are a Carer, please ask our Receptionist for a Carer’s Identification and Referral Form. Or alternatively you can visit the Essex County Council website at for help and advice on all your carers needs.

Patient Consent

In addition to the Carer’s Identification and Referral Form, we also have a consent form for patients who are being cared for to complete. This form does not necessarily apply to all cases, but to those patients that give consent for their carer to have access to their medical records either in part or in full.

If you are a patient that would like to allow your Carer access to your records, please ask our Receptionist for an Agreement by a Patient to allow a Carer to have access to their Personal Details Form.

Please complete this form and then hand it to our Receptionist.

Contact Points

Resource Contact Number / Details
Carers Line ( 0808 808 7777
Princess Royal Trust for Carers ( London: 0844 800 4361
Glasgow: 0141 221 5066
Cardiff: 0292 022 1788
Local Services
Community Nursing Services 0300 003 2144
Occupational Therapy 01206 206060
Falls Prevention Service 01206 518522
Social Services 0345 6037630
Red Cross Home Care Services 0844 412 2830
Women’s Royal Voluntary Service (WRVS) 0845 600 5885
St Helena Hospice 01245 475474