'Ask about sexual orientation to improve LGBT inequalities'

Hospitals and care homes should be fined if they do not ask about sexual orientation, MPs say.

Are we ready for men to take the pill?

Blurring of traditional gender roles could finally mean that the male pill is on the horizon.

Northern Ireland abortion and same-sex marriage laws change

Abortion is now decriminalised and same-sex marriage is to be legalised in Northern Ireland.

Prime editing: DNA tool could correct 89% of genetic defects

New technology - called prime editing - is like a "genetic word processor" able to re-write DNA.

Cancer research: Scientists seek clues to how disease 'is born'

Cancer researchers from the UK and US are teaming up to search for the very earliest signs of cancer.

Dementia in football: Ex-players three and a half times more likely to die of condition

Former professional footballers are three and a half times more likely to die of dementia than people of the same age range in the general population, according to new research.

Air pollution 'triggers hundreds more heart attacks and strokes'

People also suffer more strokes and asthma attacks on days when air quality is poor, academics say.

Fat found in overweight people's lungs

The findings could explain why being overweight or obese increases asthma risk, researchers say.

'George Michael' comment NHS doctor struck off

The NHS bowel surgeon told patients to "assume the George Michael position", a tribunal hears.

Eating disorders: Over-65s unable to access some clinics

Over-65s with eating disorders are being prevented from accessing specialist clinics.